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Book Review – Mastering Magento Theme Design by Andrea Sacca

Posted on October 31st, 2014 | Posted by admin

It is widely assumed that knowledge is power and that it has to be built upon every day. It takes a lot of time to put a person’s knowledge into a book. For the past few months I was looking for a new book in order to expand on my frontend knowledge.

Due to lack of free time I usually read only particular sections of some book or I surf the Internet if I need a specific piece of information.

Long story short, just at that time Andrea Sacca published his new book which covers one of my favorite topics – Creating responsive Magento theme. As one of the frontend developers at Inchoo, I had the opportunity to receive one of first copies of that book (and a copy for entire Inchoo). To return the favor to the author, we were asked to write a review of the book.

First impression

The cover page of the book shows something that I personally don’t like very much: “Responsive Magento themes using Bootstrap.” Nevertheless, I decided to give the author a chance.