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Can’t Add Products To Shopping Cart Or Login To Admin Page IE And Chrome

Posted on February 6th, 2013 | Posted by admin

I have had rather strange ordeal this morning when a customer reported that all of a sudden no one seemed to be able to add products to Magento shopping cart or log in to admin panel using Chrome or IE. However over to Firefox world, things seemed to be working as they should

After double checking with the hosting guys, we realized there was a power cut the night before! That was good enough reason to base all the investigation on what could have possibly go wrong as there hasn’t been any changes to the site that could have possibly cause this behaviour

Adding multiple products to the cart simultaneously in Magento

Posted on November 24th, 2012 | Posted by admin

A while ago I wrote about adding multiple products to the shopping cart simultaneously. It turns out this seems to have stopped working from Magento 1.4 or so. Up until now, I’ve not really had the time to look in detail to figure out why. Finally, this evening, I got some time. So I dug deeper.

It turns out there seems to have been some changes in the way models persist their data, and unsetting and unloading/resetting them didn’t seem to cut it any more. Anyway, below is a fixed version of the previous post. Tested on and

This is a replacement for the file app/code/local/BTS/AddMultipleProducts/controllers/AddController.php;

Programmatically Add Grouped Product to Cart in Magento

Posted on September 16th, 2012 | Posted by admin

Programmatically Add Grouped Product to Cart in Magento

Adding simple products to cart through custom PHP code is pretty straight forward. You just need to call the ‘$cart->addProduct()’ function with the product_id and quantity as parameters. But if you want to add grouped products to cart through your code, you will need to perform few additional steps. The process is very easy – create an ‘$super_group’ array of the associated products with the specified quantities. Then you need to pass the array to the ‘addProduct()’ function. See the actual code below that makes it work:

//Array for holding the associated products
$super_group = array();

//Id of the grouped product
$parentId = <grouped_product_id>;

//Create an array of associated products
$children = array('<child_id_1>','<child_id_2>','<child_id_3>');

//Quantity of each child product to be addede to cart
$child_qty = 2;

Magento Conversion Rate Optimization – Cart and Checkout

Posted on July 8th, 2011 | Posted by admin

In this blog post I will talk about some of the most critical areas of Magento’s conversion rate optimization process – Magento’s shopping cart and Magento’s checkout page.

Online store owners often don’t realize how much more money they could earn if they invested just a small amount of time and money into conversion rate optimization. Each store is unique and different, with different products and design, different customer’s demography etc. This means that each online store needs to be fine tuned to achieve optimal number of sales. This fine tuning process is called conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Although each store is unique, some things in Magento are universal and some mistakes are made very often. I will outline two of the most critical conversion rate issues with Magento’s cart and checkout page…

5 reasons why Magento users don’t abandon their shopping cart

Posted on June 9th, 2011 | Posted by admin

And why you should not abandon the practice yourself. These 5 points are making a strong case when it comes to web shopping :

1. Option NOT to register online in order to buy the product

Magento’s default setting on the checkout page is to have the “Checkout as guest” option which leaves the customer with the ability to demonstrate their free will if they actually wish to “Register”.

If you ever bought anything on a web shop you’ve probably been confronted with an uneasy decision making when you didn’t have any other option but to register in order to buy the product. According to the way of how we feel when we’re pushed to do something we didn’t even expect we had to do and than to have no other way but to agree to the terms or leave the cart it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up to the conclusion that the 30% of us will just leave the shop without buying anything.

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