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Magento shows blank/empty page. How do I solve this?


If you see a blank page opening your Store in browser, it indicates that there is a PHP syntax error somewhere in the code of your site. This usually happens when you modified files, templates or extensions manually, or installed a theme or extension with PHP syntax errors.

To see the actual error message you need to login via FTP to your Store and use the following instructions:

  • Download the index.php file to your computer
  • Edit the downloaded index.php file and uncomment (by removing leading hash character) the following code:
    ini_set('display_errors', 1);

    or insert this line somewhere at the top of the file.

  • Upload the modified index.php file back (you can also rename original index.php to index.php.orig to be able to revert the changes)
  • Refresh Magento Store page in your browser, you should see the PHP error message now
  • find the solution for specific error message

Please do not forget to change ‘display_errors’ setting back when the issue is solved.

If the error report gives no clue, to solve the issue please use the following steps:

  • Clean Magento cache, either using Flush Cache at System > Configuration > Cache Magement inMagento Backend or using Clean Cache button at Store settings in your Magenting panel
  • Disable Magento Compiler at the System > Tools > Compilation screen
  • One by one, disable recently installed modules at System > Configuration > Advanced > Advanced > Disable Modules output and flush Magento cache after each operation
  • If you recently installed some theme, try to switch interface to previously used theme, and flush Magento cache
  • Contact the Support Team, providing the error log record and URL, throwing the error report

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